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Here are some photos from our visit to Hitchhiker Brewing in Sharpsburg, PA to create a special batch of beer for Gobblerito Day.

We're calling it TryptoFantastic Voyage, in honor of the journey into a blissful turkey coma we'll be sending our guests on come April 24.

Brew Day!

Brew day!

Matt Gibb pours on the oats

Hitchhiker's Matt Gibb pours in the rolled oats

2 Row Malt, spelt, rolled oats and flaked wheat creating the wort

2 Row Malt, spelt, rolled oats and flaked wheat creating the wort

Spent mash

1300 pounds of spent grains

sampling Cultured Creature

Mad Mexers treated to a sample of Cultured Creature straight from the bright tank

Janice and Ben zesting a case of fresh grapefruit

Janice and Ben zesting a case of fresh grapefruit

Grapefruit zest

Grapefruit zest

Andy tying the grapefruit zest into a mesh bag to lower into the kettle during the boil

Andy tying the grapefruit zest into a mesh bag to lower into the kettle during the boil

Citra and Simcoe pellets

Citra and Simcoe pellets and non-OSHA-approved footware

Janice and Terry adding the hops to the brew kettle

Janice and Terry adding the hops to the brew kettle

TryptoFantastic Voyage boiling in the kettle

TryptoFantastic Voyage boiling in the kettle.

Like the beer, the name is a collaboration between Hitchhiker and Mad Mex. HH owner Gary Olden suggested Voyage as reference to the journey the pilgrims embarked upon to come to the New World. And Mad Mex had to add a turkey joke. Because Gobblerito.

TryptoFantastic Voyage IPA

Brewer's Notes:

Appearance: Hazy apricot hue, almost pink tint from the grapefruit.
Aroma: Crushed pink grapefruit, guava, orange creamsicle, and a nice breadiness from the flaked oats.
Flavor: Grapefruit juice, mango, vanilla custard, orange sherbet.
Overall: Citrus, tropical fruits. Soft, full bodied and creamy.

The Bird-O-Plenty makes a brief, one-day visit in the spring, and it’s the only time you’ll see this delicious beast until the leaves are dropping off the trees.

The Gobblerito

It’s a whole Thanksgiving feast of house-roasted turkey, black bean mashed potatoes, bread stuffing and corn all crammed into a monstrous burrito, and doused with enough gravy to put out a small fire. Wobbly cranberry sauce on the side, too.

TryptoFantastic Voyage

TryptoFantastic Voyage Drafts

This year, we worked with Hitchhiker Brewing Co. in Sharpsburg to create the perfect beer to pair with your Gobblerito. Rolling out New England style, just like the Pilgrims, this IPA gets its deep haze and creamy mouthfeel from rolled oats, and the citrus-forward character from fresh grapefruit zest and a dry hopping of Citra and Simcoe. It’s a single batch brewed exclusively for Mad Mex, available while supplies last.

Sriracha Fried Chicken

For our current Taco Misterioso, we marinate chicken breasts in buttermilk and spices for at least 12 hours for Southern-style, juicy and flavorful tenders. When you order, they're fried up crisp and served on a layer of pickle slices, then topped with spicy sour cream and shredded lettuce.

We love loading up our grills with fresh spears of lime cilantro vinaigrette-marinated asparagus. Here are this year’s spring dishes:

  •     Crispy Dynamite Shrimp Tacos with grilled asparagus, spicy mayo, avocado and leafy cilantro (pictured)
  •     Grilled Asparagus & Portobello Quesadilla with fire roasted red peppers, goat cheese and Monterey Jack.
  •     Crab & Asparagus Quesadilla with grilled corn, fresh basil, pico de gallo, Cotija and Jack cheese.

As part of our our National Margarita Day celebration, we went in search of someone who embodies the spirit of this most auspicious made up alcoholiday. Our guests did not disappoint!

Congratulations to @keeks412, our 2018 Big Ambazzador. Huge thanks to everyone who took the time to post a photo! (We especially liked the toast, this proud moment, this awesome drawing... can't skip the frame job).

Corn on the Grill

The Korean Wave has stormed the Mad Mex kitchen! We're cooking up a Korean BBQ sauce in-house with fresh chopped ginger, whole garlic cloves, onion, soy sauce, nutty sesame oil, brown sugar and—the key ingredient—gochujang, a fermented, hot red pepper paste that might just make you forget sriracha. The result is a spicy-sweet sauce with a savory umami flavor.

Corn on the Grill

You'll find our new sauce in the Korean BBQ Burrito and Quesadilla, both of which also have sliced fresh jalapeños, Jack cheese and bean sprouts (plus peanuts in the burrito). Both are served with a side of kimchi, the fermented cabbage dish that’s essential to Korean cuisine.

Corn on the Grill

Chick Korean

We're also tossing chicken wings in this flavorful barbecue sauce with sesame seeds and fresh sliced jalapeños. Wait - there's a bunch of other places we use wing sauce, so let’s try the Korean BBQ there, too. The Wing-o-Rito, Wingo Taco, Wing Wrap, Tofu Wrapture and Boneless Wings are all amazing with a Korean kick.

Corn on the Grill