Cranberry IPA Jam

August 17, 2013 * Advance ticket sales are over; limited tickets may be available at Mad Mex Cranberry on Friday and Saturday.

If you're obsessed with India Pale Ales like us, you're gonna want to join us on Mad Mex Cranberry's spacious lawn as we pull out all the hops for the IPA Jam. Sample dozens of brews from all over the IPA spectrum. Belgian IPAs, Black or White or Red IPAs. English, East Coast, West Coast, Third Coast (aka Great Lakes). Well-known flagships poured alongside rarities, and IPAs that bend the genre with herbs or fruit or barrel aging. ABVs range from a sessionable 4% to over 10%, and IBUs fall all over the hoppy end of the scale.

This is the regional hophead event of the year, a chance to taste, compare, pick your favorites, relax outside and groove to the jams. Tickets are just $30 in advance, or $35 at the door.

Here's our updated list as of August 13th. This list is subject to change. All of the beers will be on draught, except The Oracle DIPA.


21st Amendment
Hop Crisis Imperial IPA (9.7% / 94 IBUs)

Maharaja Imperial IPA (10-12% / 102 IBUs)

Ballast Point
Sculpin IPA (7% / 70 IBUs)

Bear Republic
Racer 5 American IPA (7% / 75 IBUs)

Two Hearted Ale (7%)
The Oracle Double IPA (10%)  This is the first time we've had Oracle at Mad Mex Cranberry.

Blue Point
Hoptical Illusion (6.8% / 66 IBUs)

471 Small Batch Double IPA (9.2% / 70 IBUs)

Church Brew Works
Thunderhop American IPA (8%) (pdf)

Black Sails Black IPA (7.2%)
Frog's Breath IPA brewed with spices (6.5% / 50 IBUs)

Dark Horse Brewing
Two of the Single Hop Series...
Artic Dekoorc Eert IPA (Citra)
Edacsac Dekoorc Eert IPA (Cascade)

Dogfish Head
Burton Baton American Double IPA (10% / 70 IBUs)

Space Dust American IPA (7.2% 70 IBUs)
The Immortal IPA (6.3% / 54 IBUs)

Fat Heads
Head Hunter West Coast-Style IPA (7.5% / 87 IBUs)
Trailhead Pale Ale (5.5% / 45 IBUs)

Flying Dog
Citra Single Hop Imperial IPA (10% / 70 IBUs)

Double Trouble Imperial IPA (9.4% / 86 IBUs)

Full Pint
Chinookie IPA (6.2% / 103.1 IBUs)
Hobnobber Session IPA (4% / 50 IBUs)
Tri-PA Imperial IPA (10%+ / 180 IBUs)
Plus, a pin of "Jake's Concoction"

Great Lakes
Lake Erie Monster Imperial IPA (9.1% / 80 IBUs)

Hop Odyssey Series: Citra Session IPA (4.5% ABV / 45 IBUs)

Idle Hands (8.5%)
The Rapture IPA (7%)
Idle Hands with Zythos, an aromatic blend of hops

Hop Stoopid (8%)
Oskar Blues
Deviant Dale's IPA firkin: Infused with habanero! (8% / 2,000 Scovilles, give or take)
Gubna Imperial IPA (10% / 100+ IBUs)

I2PA Imperial IPA (7.6% / 58-63 IBUs)

Sierra Nevada
Beer Camp Belgian-Style Black IPA (6.7% / 67 IBUs)

Southern Tier
Unearthly Imperial IPA (9.5% / "High" IBUs)

Ruination (7.7% / 100+ IBUs)

Hop Karma Brown IPA (6% / 65 IBUs)
Hopsecutioner IPA (7.3% / 71 IBUs)

Thirsty Dog
Citra Dog (6.7% / 95 IBUs)

Tröegs Scratch Series
Scratch 101 Session IPA (4.8% / 40 IBUs)
Scratch 105 Double IPA (8.4% / 66 IBUs)

HopDevil IPA(6.7%)
Ranch Double IPA with Bravo hops (9%)

Cape of Good Hope Imperial Pale Ale (8.3%)


Note: We've had some issues with our online ordering system. When you complete your order, you might get an error message instead of a confirmation. However, the purchase has likely gone through; just check the email account for confirmation. To confirm by phone, call 412 361-3272 x231 during office hours.