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Order anything from individual dishes to Mad Mex Catering packages for large parties online here or by calling us at 412.366.5656.

North Hills Menu

Salsas & Dip

Our freshly made dips and salsas come with a basket of locally-made white, red, yellow and blue corn tortilla chips. Please note that the sizes and prices for take out are different than dine in.

  • VegetarianPEPITA HUMMUS | $7.75
  • VegetarianXX CHEESE DIP | $7.75
  • VegetarianPICKADIPPA | $9.75


  • VegetarianJERSEY CHIPS | $8.75

Soups & Chilis

Available by the cup ($4) or bowl ($5).

  • TORTILLA SOUP | $4.00


Quesadillas are made with your choice of white or whole wheat tortillas.


  • VegetarianNACHOS GRANDE | $10.50
  • WINGO NACHOS | $12.50
  • CARNITAS NACHOS | $12.50


Choose Mild, Wild or Insane. Celery and either bleu cheese or ranch dressing included. Prices shown are for a small order, a large order is $16.

  • SOUTHWESTERN | $9.50
  • KOREAN BBQ | $9.50
  • SAN FRANCISCO | $9.50


Dressing choices: Fromage Bleu, House Vinaigrette, Creamy Ranch, Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette and our Vegan Chipotle Ranch. Served on the side.

  • VegetarianCASA SALAD | $5.00
  • WING SALAD | $13.75
  • MAHI MAHI SALAD | $15.00
  • TACO SALAD | $12.00


All burritos are made with Mexican rice made from scratch with tomato juice, Spanish onions, fresh carrots, jalapeño, cilantro, lime and garlic.

  • WING-O-RITO | $11.00
  • VegetarianVEGGIE BURRITO | $10.00

La Chimi

  • LA CHIMI | $11.00


Our enchiladas stress test the plate with layers of white corn tortillas, Colorado Sauce (guajillo chili-tomato sauce) and/or Green Sauce (roasted tomatillo-jalapeño puree) and Jack cheese aplenty. Rice and beans, lettuce and salsa on the side.


Ready to roll with Mexican rice, sour cream, guacamole, pico de gallo, Monterey Jack cheese, shredded lettuce and warm flour tortillas. Served with grilled peppers, onions and our Fajita Sauce.

  • CHICKEN FAJITA | $14.75
  • STEAK FAJITA | $16.50


You wanna get fresh? Our trios of tacos are served on fresh, soft tortillas with lime wedges. And, yes, rice and beans.

  • CHICKEN TACOS | $13.50
  • CARNITAS TACOS | $13.50
  • WING-O TACOS | $13.75


Our handy Mex is served with your choice of Waffle Fries, Chips & Salsa, Mexican Rice, or Casa Salad

  • WING WRAP | $10.50
  • VegetarianTOFU WRAPTURE | $10.50

On the Side

Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. Ever try wing sauce on a burrito? Well, you should. Think we’re scared to put some honey on your corn bread? We’re not. Any interest in judging American Idol? You’re hired! Customization is king, so mod your meal with the accessories below.

  • VegetarianBLACK BEANS | $2.00
  • VegetarianMEXICAN RICE | $2.00
  • VegetarianWAFFLE FRIES | $4.50


Updated Friday, April 20th at 7:29 PM.

11th Hour Beautiful Nightmare West Coast Imperial IPA (Lawrenceville)
Grist House Fire on the Hill IPA (Millvale)
Noble Stein Jubilant Haze New England Style IPA (Indiana)
Rivertowne Hazy Morning New England Style IPA (Export)
Shu Brew All Your Beer Are Belong To Us New England Style IPA (Zelineople)
Shu Brew Magic Mushroom New England Style IPA (Vic Secert & Enigma)(Zelienople)
Shu Brew Pechango Ninja New England Style IPA with Mangoes, Peaches, and Vanilla (Zelienople)
Spoonwood Above The Fold New England Style Imperial IPA (Bethel Park)
Voodoo Hoodoo IPA (Meadville)(7 C's)
Evil Twin I've Always Felt Closer to IPA's Than I Did To People Dry Hopped IPA (Galaxy, Simcoe, Citra, Falconer's Flight)
Oskar Blue's IPA
Stone Exaulted IPA (Citra & Loral)
Fat Head's Hop JuJu Supernatrual Imp IPA 12oz
Rhinegeist Saber Tooth Imperial India Pale Ale
Lagunitas Waldos' Special Ale 12oz
New Belgium The Hemporer HPA (Hemp Seed)
Arsenal Broken Hearts Are For Apples Off Dry Cider 9oz (Lawrenceville)(100% Stayman Winesapp Apples)
Modern Times Blazing World Amber Ale
Troegs Dreamweaver Wheat Ale
Victory Kirsch Gose
Dos Equis Amber Lager
Fat Head's Prohibition Pauly Porter
Miller Lite The Original Light Pilsner
Yuengling Traditional Lager
Evil Twin Ceci N'est Pas IPA 16oz can
Fat Head's Headhunter IPA 12oz bottle
Grist House Hop Sensei Imp IPA 16oz can
Hitchhiker Pinnacle of Nothing Imp IPA 16oz can

House Margaritas

  • FROZEN FRUITY | $6.00

Magníficas Margaritas

  • THE MEZMERIZER | $12.00
  • THE ULTIMATE | $12.00

Mad Brews (bottles & cans)

  • Corona | $4.50
  • Corona Light | $4.50
  • Negra Modelo | $4.50
  • Pacifico | $4.50
  • Sol | $4.50
  • Tecate | $4.00


El Vino


  • RED SANGRIA | $7.00
  • WHITE SANGRIA | $7.00

Margaritas Picante

Tequila Flights


  • MEXICALI MULE | $10.00

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