Real Estate

Your town needs a Mad Mex®

As soon as we opened the doors to the first Mad Mex® in ’93, we could tell right away we had hit on something people were going to go crazy for.

Now, we’re taking the party to new places, and are looking for locations within a five hundred mile radius of any current Mad Mex® restaurant. We’re looking for happening parts of town with a 150,000 plus population living within five miles. The people who really dig what we’re doing are educated, middle income and quality conscious, and crave a more unique dining experience than that offered by ordinary chains.

Maybe you can help us find the next perfect Mad Mex® party spot. Our ideal home is a strip center endcap. Free standing, in-line older buildings with character on busy neighborhood streets, (just like that original Mad Mex®) work great for us, too; In newer buildings, we’ll bring the character! Outdoor seating is always key, as there’s nothing we love more than fresh air and margaritas on the patio.

Although we can do our thing in a range of structures, the ideal spaces are around 5,000 to 6,000 square feet—find us a cool place with a 60 ft front by 90 ft deep and we’ll make it into a local institution. Ideally, you’ll have the room all ready for us so we can jump right in and build the perfect Mad Mex® for the space. The sooner we get our work started, the sooner we can celebrate with freshly made margaritas!

Have we piqued your interest? Great! Grab our Real Estate Book (12mb PDF) for all the details about what we're cooking up, or contact us with any questions.