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What is ‘Funky Fresh Cal-Mex’?

Pull up a stool. We just mixed up margaritas with good tequila and fresh squeezed lime juice. Steaks and chicken are on the grill, and we grabbed some tomatoes and jalapeños for big bowls of salsa and guacamole. The tortillas are warm and the beer is cold. Get a big plate of everything and chill out. It’s a summertime, wear your shorts, drink a beer, sweat a little, chill with friends, have a margarita, forget the clock, eat a burrito party. Just a good time. Thanks for coming in.
Funky   We spin an American food mashup of Mexican, Southeast Asian, and Spanish. We aren’t scared to put fun things together if they taste good.
Fresh   Sure, there are easier ways to do it. But why would we put frozen food out for our favorite friends? We make just about everything from scratch daily. We believe that the closer we are to the Earth, to picking the vegetables from the field, the better the food.
Cal   Drawing on West Coast food: healthy, fun, local, experimental. No lard, simple marinades of citrus and spices. And microbrews. The trend that awakened on the West Coast and ignited our passions for good beer made here.
Mex   Because we love Mexican food. Big flavors, big plates, fire and sunshine, beer and tequila to wash it down. Great flavors. Warm tortillas and big piles of rice and beans. Guacamole!!!!!! Avocados rule Mexico and they rule us. And Mexico is home to tequila, our favorite hooch. Viva la Margarita!

New summer cocktails

We've got new drinks and not suprisingly, they all have good tequila in them.

  • R. Tom Collins: Sliced cucumber and ginger beer 
  • Soushine: honey and chile-infused Espolón Blanco.
  • Santa Rosa: fresh watermelon juice and elderflower liqueur.
  • Ruby Paloma: fresh-squeezed Ruby Red grapefruit and Jarritos toronja soda.

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